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Our certified installers guarantee the installation of every Techno Metal Post.

The installation and long term performance of each pile is critical. All Techno Metal Post of Albany's installers undergo rigorous theoretical and practical training. This training allows us to guarantee our work and your peace of mind.

Techno Metal Post designs and manufactures all of our installation equipment in-house to assure quality and long term performance.

Techno Metal Posts eliminate the unknowns


Techno Metal Post's engineering team has developed a fool-proof technology that measures the final bearing capacity of each pile during installation. The field measurements for every pier anchor installed in the ground are analyzed and stamped by Techno Metal Post of Albany's staff engineers. This workflow process provides indisputable engineering data to clients, contractors and regional building departments.

Techno Metal Post of Albany has created relationships with various local building and zoning departments that ensure construction approval. In most cases, no foundation inspection is necessary – just submit our engineering report!



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