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Quality Assurance

Techno Metal Post of Albany brings quality to every aspect of your project. Our team of technicians, ongoing training programs, installation machinery and product line, make it easy for us to stand behind our work and your project from start to finish.

  • Only genuine Techno Metal Post piers are uniquely manufactured using structural steel according to ASTM A500 grade C, CAN/CSA-G40.21-98 and CSA W47.1 standards.
  • Hot-dip galvanized according to CSA-G164M-92, i.e. a minimum of 610 g/m², our posts are protected from corrosion. Proprietary cathodic protection systems are available for use in harsh soils and environments from our Techno Protection division.
  • Our posts are load tested according to ASTM-D1143 and ASTM-D3689 standards in a variety of soil types around the world. No other helical pile manufacturer can install and substantiate this claim. Post bearing capacity is confirmed on site using the installation machinery and in situ test benches when required and certified with field-generated engineering reports at the job site.
  • The Techno Metal Post Helical Foundation System, recently received an evaluation report (ESR#3418) from ICC Evaluation Service (ICC-ES), providing evidence that piles and brackets manufactured and installed by Techno Metal Post meet code requirements.
  • Our helical piles are designed to resist axial and lateral strains calculated by applying a safety factor. Their helical design maximizes the load bearing capacity of soil.



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