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Techno Metal Post of Albany

Techno Metal Post of Albany was founded by Matt and Will Reagan to bring helical pile foundation, stabilization and building technology to New York's Capital District commercial, industrial, residential and municipal/goverment projects.

Techno Metal Post of Albany Trade Area

TMP Albany's History
Our business began a generation ago in the logging industry and evolved into log home and professional building and construction contracting. Then, in 2006, we were working on a project in Bolton Landing, just off the beach of Lake George. We were digging footings for a deck foundation and hit exposed water at a depth of 10 inches. We instantly knew that poured tubes or concrete piers would be unable to provide proper bearing. We researched alternative foundation technologies and decided to give Techno Metal Post a try. In an hour and a half, we screwed in a dozen posts and started building. We were sold – so we bought the dealership and expanded it into Albany and Saratoga Counties.

We established Techno Metal Post of Albany because we believe in the product, the technology and the opportunity to deliver superior foundation systems to customers and property owners throughout the Capital District and towns such as Ballston Spa, Colonie, Guilderland, Clifton Park, Malta and Wilton. Our first-hand knowledge gained by installing thousands of posts – plus our unique ability to draw on the collective and practical experience of the manufacturer, dealers and installers from around the world – gives us an engineering and technological advantage unmatched by any of our competitors. We guarantee it.

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Matt.ReaganMatt Reagan Starting his first business in 1974, Matt moved to full-time home building in 1980. Some forty years later, Matt is still at it – applying his knowledge and experience to literally support the construction industry in the Capital Region with Techno Metal Posts.

The technology behind Techno Metal Post is what is most appealing to Matt, who is quick to point out that the product is so much more than a "post" – but rather an engineered system of on-going research and development, continuous innovation of machine and helical pile design, and technician classroom education and field training.


Will.ReaganWill Reagan Literally growing up on construction sites made it easy for Will to join the industry as his chosen career – and since 1998 he has been involved with all manner of building – from additions, decks, gazebos to log home construction and whole house restorations.

His enthusiasm and excitement about the future of Techno Metal Post of Albany is exemplified by his ongoing investment in training, equipment and the regional construction community for himself and Techno Metal Post of Albany's team of technicians and installers.


There is no job that is to big for Techno Metal Post of Albany to undertake or support. We pride ourselves on hard work and enjoy not only the easy jobs but also the ones that make our knuckles bleed and our backs ache. We're early to work and don't leave until the job is done, and done right kind of people. - Will Reagan



Techno Metal Post of Albany
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