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Corrosion Protection

All Techno Metal Posts are protected at manufacture by a thick hot-dipped galvanized coating which provides years of reliable long-term protection for piles in most installation applications. (Our posts are hot-dip galvanized according to CSA-G164M-92, a minimum of 610 g/m².)

For sites and applications where harsh soil conditions, extraordinarily deep or submerged pile installations or engineering parameters best dictate enhanced corrosion protection, Techno Metal Post of Albany delivers more.

Both passive (sacrificial) and active (impressed) cathodic protection systems have been developed by Techno Protection, a Techno Metal Post subsidiary. The Cathodic Protection Systems protect buried metal structures (not just Techno Metal Posts) from corrosion in order to preserve the stability of a structure based on helical piles in extreme environments. While this technology was initially developed for the protection of our screw piles, it has become so successful that it is now being used to protect and preserve new or existing buried steel or reinforced concrete structures such as pipes, storage tanks, electrical vaults and utilities.

Techno Protection offers two products for the screw pile foundations:

Ring anodesRing AnodesTM are sacrificial anodes in a ring form. They provide cathodic protection for small structures.

Spin anodesSpin AnodesTM are anodes that are similar to helical piers and do not require any excavation. They use impressed current.


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