Our certified installers guarantee the installation of every Techno Metal Post.

The installation and long term performance of each pile is critical. All Techno Metal Post of Albany's installers undergo rigorous theoretical and practical training. This training allows us to guarantee our work and your peace of mind.

Techno Metal Post designs and manufactures all of our installation equipment in-house to assure quality and long term performance.

Techno Metal Posts eliminate the unknowns


Techno Metal Post's engineering team has developed a fool-proof technology that measures the final bearing capacity of each pile during installation. The field measurements for every pier anchor installed in the ground are analyzed and stamped by Techno Metal Post of Albany's staff engineers. This workflow process provides indisputable engineering data to clients, contractors and regional building departments.

Techno Metal Post of Albany has created relationships with various local building and zoning departments that ensure construction approval. In most cases, no foundation inspection is necessary – just submit our engineering report!


Quality Assurance

Techno Metal Post of Albany brings quality to every aspect of your project. Our team of technicians, ongoing training programs, installation machinery and product line, make it easy for us to stand behind our work and your project from start to finish.

  • Only genuine Techno Metal Post piers are uniquely manufactured using structural steel according to ASTM A500 grade C, CAN/CSA-G40.21-98 and CSA W47.1 standards.
  • Hot-dip galvanized according to CSA-G164M-92, i.e. a minimum of 610 g/m², our posts are protected from corrosion. Proprietary cathodic protection systems are available for use in harsh soils and environments from our Techno Protection division.
  • Our posts are load tested according to ASTM-D1143 and ASTM-D3689 standards in a variety of soil types around the world. No other helical pile manufacturer can install and substantiate this claim. Post bearing capacity is confirmed on site using the installation machinery and in situ test benches when required and certified with field-generated engineering reports at the job site.
  • The Techno Metal Post Helical Foundation System, recently received an evaluation report (ESR#3418) from ICC Evaluation Service (ICC-ES), providing evidence that piles and brackets manufactured and installed by Techno Metal Post meet code requirements.
  • Our helical piles are designed to resist axial and lateral strains calculated by applying a safety factor. Their helical design maximizes the load bearing capacity of soil.



Frequently Asked Questions about Techno Metal Post.

Are Techno Metal Posts Permanent?

Unlike any other type of installation, Techno Metal Post foundations may be permanent or temporary. The installation is done with minimal environmental impact. Posts can be unscrewed and moved off-site or relocated. Techno Metal Posts are the perfect solution for nearly any construction situation, from temporary staging, platforms and art exhibitions to something as permanent as a home addition, dock, deck or multi-story building.

How much load can a Techno Metal Post bear?

Techno Metal Post of Albany's standard residential 2” diameter "P2 pile" can handle 9,600 pounds. We can install piles that handle up to 50,000 pounds per pile if necessary.

I’m not sure how much of a load my project will generate. Can you help me figure it out?

Absolutely. Techno Metal Post of Albany's certified installers will always verify the load on each pile at the time of installation. We can help you calculate your project weight, post count and placement.

What happens if you hit rocks?

It depends. More often than not, an experienced operator can steer the Techno Metal Post around rocks or use the helical to push smaller rocks out the way. If we hit solid rock above the frostline, we will pin the piles to the rock.

What if the ground is frozen?

Here in the Capital Region, frozen ground is usually a non-issue with Techno Metal Posts. We install posts year round so that means you don’t have to stop building during the winter. We can even place piles into a lake or river bed through frozen ice!

How deep do you drill the piles?

Your piles are driven as deep as the soil conditions and your project’s load values require us to go to give you an immovable foundation. Generally this point is between five feet to 20' down. We can drill to any depth, and with some of our projects designed to shore up large buildings, Techno Metal Post of Albany has drilled down over 70' to reach bedrock in the middle of downtown Albany.

Do I still need a footing inspection?

No. Every Techno Metal Post is installed by a certified installer and every pile installation is reviewed and certified by our engineering staff at no additional cost to you. We take care of all the paperwork and submit our engineering report on your behalf to your building department for inclusion in your permit folder. You can build on Techno Metal Posts immediately after installation.

Other companies with similar or borrowed helical drilling technology cannot legally certify pile installations with engineering reports for construction without a building department inspector present at the job site.

How do I file a permit with Techno Metal Posts as part of my project?

We can provide you with any documentation a building department may require such as specifications, drawings or load data. Techno Metal Post of Albany has agreements with all of our regional building departments so that they will accept our engineering and certified load test reports.

How can I attach my structure to Techno Metal Posts?

Techno Metal Post of Albany provides adjustable height heads that accomodate all types of common lumber connections, such as 4x4, 6x6, double 2X, and triple 2X as well as pin, bolt and rebar styles. 

We also custom fabricate welded connectors very quickly, and on-site, for special applications.

How long does it take to install a Techno Metal Post?

Depending on the soil conditions, a standard-length Techno Metal Post can be installed and ready to be built on in about 10 minutes.

Do I need to worry about corrosion?

No. Only GENUINE Techno Metal Posts receive an extremely thick hot-dipped zinc galvanic coating during manufacture which fights corrosion. Our posts are manufactured in a factory setting, ensuring uniformity and quality standards. Competitor piles are typically hand welded on free-form jigs in garage and outdoor settings, and may/or may not have thin, spray-on zinc galvanic coatings.

What’s with the green sleeve?

Our exclusive sleeve floats on the shaft of helical pile preventing frozen soil from moving the Techno Metal Post during seasonal movement.

Only GENUINE Techno Metal Posts have this proprietary, patented, technology.

How much do they cost?

A standard P2 installation is on par with what your installed cost would be for a traditional concrete Sonotube. Our pricing is equivalent, and in most cases less than our competitors.
But the best part is that all you have to do is make a phone call to Techno Metal Post of Albany at (518) 872-0511 or contact us online. We take care of the rest...and you don't need to pick up a shovel.

Your competitors seem to have similar technology - why should we go with TMP Albany?

Some of our competitors obtained installation equipment through an aquisition in an effort to add to their service line. But having equipment and knowing how to use it are two vastly different things – as is the quality of post placed into the ground.

Where imitator products use thin spray-on galvanizing, only genuine Techno Metal Posts employ our patented, proprietary post sleeve along with a thick hot-dipped galvanized coating to combat ground corrosion and movement caused by freeze, thaw or drought conditions.

A foundation is a permanent installation. Why would you risk anything less than calling Techno Metal Post of Albany for your helical pile needs?

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